C2. CR Essentials ⚒️

How to Assess a Sermon?

Here are factors we consider to prepare and deliver sermons.

Church's Role in Children Discipling

The principles on children discipling presented below are intended to

Discipleship Self-Assessment

God has not given the local church the mandate of

Why focus on Discipling?

The purpose of this article is twofold: first, we seek

Comment évaluer une prédication?

Voici quelques facteurs que nous utilisons pour préparer et donner

Gospel Partnership in the City

Referring to his followers, Jesus said: "By this all people

Primacy of Discipling

Discipling is time-consuming and sometimes difficult to pursue, in addition

Position on Music in Corporate Gatherings

Affirmation of Church Officers

Our church is intended to be led by elders and

Position on Corporate Prayer

The purpose of this article is to document principles we