Primacy of Discipling

Discipling is time-consuming and sometimes difficult to pursue, in addition to various local church ministries. In this article, we present principles to reconcile our church's focus on discipling with our desire to encourage church members to work together through various initiatives. These principles are intended to be applied out of love for God and care for people, with an attitude of humility, patience and encouragement.

Primacy of Discipling

Church members already engaged in discipling relationships may choose to serve in additional ministry initiatives, as led by God.

Member-Managed Ministries

In order to preserve the church's emphasis on discipling and to respect the time commitment associated with Community Group activities, the church does not manage or coordinate those initiatives which we call Member-Managed Ministries (MMMs).

Duration: MMMs may exist only for a season; the church does not attempt to ensure their continuity.

Examples: Examples of MMMs include: men or women fellowship groups, mom's support groups, choir ministries, book reading groups, food bank ministries, youth ministries, vacation bible schools, summer camps, fellowship nights, biblical counseling services, Awana-type ministries, after-school outreach programs, prison ministry, men's or women's spiritual retreats, reading groups, etc.

Reporting and Investment: Each year, MMM representatives may present to the church a ministry report and ministry plan accompanied with a request of assistance in order to conduct their activities. Based on available resources, elders make recommendations to the church who votes on an investment strategy for the coming year.

Rest and Joy: Elders have the responsibility to provide regular counsel to overworked, idle or hesitant church members, so that we all serve God from a attitude of rest and joyful zeal.