Multiplication DNA

Intent to Multiply

We seek to multiply disciples and churches, to make disciple-making disciples, and plant church-planting churches.

Biblical Warrant

Here are Bible commands which drive us to this emphasis on multiplication.

  1. Reaching the nations: To make disciples from all nations, we understand that a path God has chosen for the Church is to make multiplying disciples. (Mat 28:19-20, Luke 24:17, Jn 20:21, and Ac 1:8)
  2. Recursive Discipling: God calls elders to make multiplying disciples of Jesus. (1 Tim 2:15)
  3. Exponential Fruits: When God's word is planted in a fertile heart, an exponential multiplication of fruits can be produced. (Mark 4:20 )


Besides, the Scripture, we have learned the following, from experience.

  • It takes a diversity (hence a multiplicity) of churches, to meet the spiritual needs of a diverse population (e.g. that of Rockland).
  • Similar churches, amidst a sufficiently large community, can meet different parts of the community's needs.
  • The spiritual health of churches vary, with time and geography.
  • In 2022, and in Orleans, Rockland, and Hawkesbury:
    • God has established churches (praise Him for pioneering labor);
    • churches focusing on disciple making are scarce;
    • churches focusing on church planting are also scarce.


We therefore seek to plant multiplying churches, each making multiplying disciples, in Orleans, Rockland, and Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada. One step at a time, according to God's grace, we will achieve this goal, with God's provisions, by training, recruiting, and sending disciple-making missionaries.