CR Strategies

Our strategies, which implement our values, may be summarized as follows.

  • 🧩 Connexion: we connect with God through frequent, individual or group-based prayer, singing, and engagement with the Bible (including reading, listening, memorizing, studying, meditating, and applying God's word); we seek to be good neighbors, e.g. by sharing a walk, a meal, a hobby, a sport, a cause, or a one-time or seasonal event;
  • 🤗 Affection: we love by being grateful, patient, kind, generous, humble, polite, hopeful, and truthful, ceasing time to listen well and speak with compassion, with God's love, and pursuing God's will for all, in words and deeds, without favoritism;
  • 🔊 Declaration: we communicate truth (including the Good News of Jesus), respectfully, humbly, courageously, and plainly, through various means, including conversations, songs, and blogs, sharing our experience of Jesus with our neighbors;
  • 🧬 Replication: through small-size life groups, we make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus, and, through a church planting residency program, we plant healthy churches that plant healthy churches;
  • 🚀 Emanation: we live as ambassadors sent by Jesus -- ambassadors who bless others by leveraging a church residency program to encourage, train, and send our best, generously, to plant healthy multiplying churches.